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Your wedding day is a very special day; one you’ve planned for quite some time. You want all the details to go smoothly, and most importantly, when all is said and done, you want wonderful memories of your day! In order to do that, consider these thoughts when choosing a photographer.

Make sure you are confident with your photographer, both personality and style. Meet with the photographer prior to the wedding to ensure that you will like working with him/her on your wedding day. You will spend most of the day together, in fact, the bride will probably spend more time more time with her photographer the day of the wedding than with her groom. Be sure you hire someone you like working with – someone with whom you can build a positive working relationship.

Share as much information with your photographer as possible. The more they know about your day the better off you’ll be. In our experience, the most successful wedding day photography occurs when couples are organized and plan some time into the day for pictures. Consider going to an outdoor location to add variety to your pictures. There are many more alternatives, and the more organized the couple is regarding photography the day of the wedding, the happier they will be with their final product.

Hire a professional photographer – especially if your wedding pictures are very important to you. Make sure the photographer is a full-time professional with lots of experience. In order to find a trusted professional, seek the advice of those you trust. Word-of-mouth from a friend is probably the best way to gather names of potential photographers. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin meeting with photographers. As an example, we generally book 12-16 months in advance. Hire your photographer early, don’t wait.

View your wedding photography as an investment in your future. The pictures from you wedding, and most importantly, your wedding album, are your only tangible items to preserve the memories of your wedding day. Be sure to keep that in mind as you begin your search for a photographer. Unless you have a very specific budget or style, be sure to look at numerous photographers in numerous price and style ranges. Don’t limit yourself until you have a better working knowledge of what’s available compared to what you are looking for. The best match for you may not be the least expensive; however, if you view your photographers as an investment, it may be worth your while to budget a bit more for it.

Additionally, the better organized you are in planning for specific picture times during the day, the more time you’ll have to relax and enjoy your day with family and friends. Don’t let your day be dominated by your photographer.

Remember that your wedding day is YOUR day.

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