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timcherylTest e1332350203819 TestimonialsTim and Cheryl

Bill called me about a week before the wedding and asked my family’s names, their relationship and who belonged to whom. I never knew how much my family and friends would appreciate being called by their names, rather than ‘parents of the bride’ or ‘siblings of the groom’. All members of élan Photography staff took the time to prepare for my wedding; I lost count of how many guests were so impressed and thankful. Not only was the élan staff friendly and professional, but I felt as if they were part of my wedding party.



RobCheri e1332350732100 TestimonialsRob and Cheri

We asked for a special request that they be ready by Mother’s Day and, even though it was cutting it close, the albums arrived at our doorstep early and perfect! The second part was the fairly large order from individuals. They came back to us in a very timely manner, packaged and labeled for each person. And the quality of élan’s pictures can be described as crystal clear. Last was our album that cannot be described in words. It is a combination album and we cannot stress how happy we are with the outcome. People who see it say they have never seen anything so unusual and beautiful. Not only did we have a perfect wedding, we now have the perfect memory – a wedding album from élan Photography!



RickKelly e1332351715884 TestimonialsKelly and Rick

I had told her that I wanted black & white creative photos as well as traditional. We took many shots outside of our church and at a park nearby. And as for the reception, we never saw her. She stayed like a shadow enjoying the company of our guests. When we received our photos we were blown away. These photos were as if they came from a magazine!




JoshKristen e1332351559645 TestimonialsKristen and Josh

When my fiancé and I started planning for our July 2001 wedding, we decided that the photography of the ceremony and reception was the most important aspect of the event. After looking at several different studios we decided on élan, a decision that proved to be very wise. Several of our friends had gotten married in the past couple of years, and not one couple had as great an experience as we did. From beginning to end, élan’s professionalism was outstanding, and their service was exceptional.




RyanJocelyn e1332351935889 TestimonialsJocelyn and Ryan

Ryan and I always knew that, for us, photography was going to be one of the most important aspects of our wedding to consider. Great pictures capture more than just the day; they capture the very essence of the event and the couple. We had seen enough wedding albums to know we didn’t want the standard, cookie-cutter poses and styles. We were looking for something with depth – photos that were both high quality and artistic. Looking for a photographer was nerve-racking. We met with several, and none seemed to possess that certain something we were looking for. When we met with élan Photography, we instantly knew we had found it. It started with the staff and the studio. Kirsten was a godsend, walking us through the whole process. Both Bill and Kirsten were always helpful and open to hear our concerns and ideas. It was clear to us that élan was not only extremely professional, but also very caring and supportive, taking a personal interest in us, our wedding, and our photos. We never felt like we were just another set of clients. They took our wedding just as seriously as we did. After seeing samples of Jim’s work, we knew we no longer had to worry.

JohnDiane e1332352243941 TestimonialsJohn and Diane

We were impressed with élan from our first meeting with them. Bill and the rest of the staff at élan were so friendly and professional. We were even more confident with our choice when we got our beautiful engagement pictures back.
When it came time to put our wedding album together, Bill was extremely helpful. He took the time to sit down with us and put together the entire album. Friends and family have told us that it’s the most beautiful wedding album they have ever seen.
We were so pleased with élan that we’ve recommended them to all our friends and family. Thank you so much élan for the beautiful keepsake of our wedding day!


KevinBari e1332352472223 TestimonialsBari and Kevin

We had so much fun with Karen on the day of our wedding and you could tell she was having fun too! Most of our photos were taken outside and Karen was open to all unusual suggestions we had and even had a few of her own. My husband and I also had chosen the spots where we wanted photos taken of just the two of us after the ceremony at the reception site and had allotted an hour for those. Karen kept us on schedule and we were back in time to enjoy the cocktail hour. We knew we didn’t want to spend the night taking pictures and miss half the reception. For the rest of the evening, she captured a bunch of wonderful moments but we hardly knew she was there, which made the pictures look natural and not posed. The end result was a proof book full of photos that we loved and it was hard to choose which ones to put in our final album.


FredJulie e1332352695219 TestimonialsFred and Julie

Julie knew what she wanted — plenty of candid shots, few traditional poses, and a mix of black and white and color shots. I was more interested in having someone who we knew we could trust on our wedding day.
Well, the moment we walked out of our first meeting with Bill, we knew he was our man. What a relief to know that we could put that decision behind us.
Bill seemed to instinctively know exactly what Julie wanted. In fact, they spent fifteen minutes throwing ideas back and forth. I began at this early stage to realize what is meant by the phrase, ‘I’m happy when my wife is happy!’ Personally, I was impressed by Bill’s professionalism, and his positive attitude was refreshing.