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Sure you can register for another piece of fine china. It just may come in handy to serve food once.
A better idea is to register with us! Yes, now your friends and family can actually give you something that you will enjoy having and that they will really enjoy giving you. Who wouldn’t want to contribute to the wedding album of your dreams? After all it is your first family heirloom!
It’s a win/win!
Put us on your registry in addition to Macy’s or Crate and Barrel. Your guests will simply give us a call at (630) 960-1400 and we take care of everything. We’ll send both of you a customized photo gift certificate indicating what your thoughtful friend gave you. Gifts can range from $100 to $5000.
A perfect way to get your albums and prints after the wedding.
Sure you can’t eat off your album, but your children and grandchildren won’t get to experience one of the most exciting days of your life by flipping through a stack of porcelain either.
Add us now before someone goes off registry to get you another vase!